For Refugees

Czech Republic allowed entry without a passport for Ukrainians. After arrival, it’s necessary to contact the Embassy of Ukraine for registration of a passport and further registration of a special visa.

After arriving to the Czech Republic there are two ways to stay in the country:

  1. By visa-free regime. If you arrived in the Czech Republic with a biometric passport and don’t plan to work and receive benefits from the state, then you can be located on the territory of the country without a visa of 90 days. It will save your time on the documents legalization, but you will not be able to receive financial support from the Czech Republic.
  2. According to a special visa. Czech Republic gives a special visa for immigrants from Ukraine. Visa strpení is not a refugee, but a special stamp that allows Ukrainians live legally on the territory of the Czech Republic over the year and opens out access to the labor market. Also, upon receipt of a visa, there is free state insurance VZP.

After making a Visa strpení, Ukrainian immigrants have the right to receive a humanitarian allowance of 200 euros. Ukrainians who have been in a difficult financial situation and don’t have property in the Czech Republic can receive the payment. After employment, the migranet loses the opportunity to receive benefits.

Through the Congress Center. After arrival in Prague, you can immediately solve the visa question and register in the congress center. Employees who help with documents can recommend one of Dům Dobra.

Accommodation in all of Dům Dobra is free. We are a charitable organization, and our main goal is to provide cozy housing and things of the first need to moms with children from combat zones.

In addition to providing accommodation, we help immigrants who need things of essentials. Dům Dobra Karlín at Prvního Pluku 211\5 Praha is a place where moms with children can get humanitarian aid in the form of the following things: strollers, bed linen, clothing, personal hygiene products, diapers etc.

No. In our Dům Dobra you can’t live with animals. Before settling, it’s better to find acquaintances or caring volunteers who will temporarily care about your pet.

For Volunteers

To become a volunteer and support our good deeds, please fill in the application form or subscribe to our Telegram channel “Dům Dobra / Volunteers CZ”

Volunteers are an important part of our team. We often need volunteers to receive and sort humanitarian aid, to clean and prepare new Důms Dobra, to transport things within Prague by truck.
If you need a change of clothes or special tools to help in Dům Dobra, our coordinators will tell you about it. Our team will try to provide everything you need for comfortable work.

For Sponsors

You may use a donation account to sponsor the activities of the Dům Doba Foundation. You or your company may also contact the partner department on +420 727 969 167 to suggest alternative ways of support.

Dům Dobra uses its donations for two of its activities: providing shelter to refugees in the Czech Republic and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Every month, the Foundation pays for the utilities of three houses for Ukrainian refugees, the purchase of basic necessities and sending them to the hot spots.

How you can help?

Donate to Dům Dobra

Every donation you make could save someone’s life. We accept any donation amount.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are a very important part of our team, because only with their help we can give a new home for refugees. If you want to help us with saving lives, join our Dům Dobra!

Bring the humanitarian aid

We regularly buy and accept humanitarian aid from our office on Karlin. Volunteers sort it and we send the necessary things to those cities of Ukraine where they need it the most.