In the current situation, it is impossible to stay away and ignore the war in Ukraine. Sometimes it may seem like you can’t help those currently suffering from war from the Czech Republic, but this is not the case. Our organization regularly needs volunteers to help refugees and citizens left behind in Ukraine.

In your spare time you can help accommodate the refugees who have arrived, receive and sort the humanitarian aid that will go to the war zones, and prepare the new Dům Dobra for settlement.

Why to volounteer?

Helping those in need

The main goal of our organization, including our volunteers, is to help Ukrainians affected by war. In this way people who care can join in saving lives

New acquaintances

We accept any kind-hearted person who is willing to help as a volunteer. You will make new friends and find like-minded people during your work

Team Spirit

Working in a team of like-minded people is very important during hard times. After all, it is easier to cope with stress when there is someone to share the experiences and the team is committed to one overarching goal – to help those in need

Special Offers

Our main goal is to help and support people, and our volunteers are no exception. You won’t go hungry when you come to help as Dům Dobra provides a full lunch, water, tea and something tasty. Volunteers also occasionally receive symbolic gifts from the team, such as merchandise, stationery, and gifts from sponsors.

How you can help?

Donate to Dům Dobra

Every donation you make could save someone’s life. We accept any donation amount.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are a very important part of our team, because only with their help we can give a new home for refugees. If you want to help us with saving lives, join our Dům Dobra!

Bring the humanitarian aid

We regularly buy and accept humanitarian aid from our office on Karlin. Volunteers sort it and we send the necessary things to those cities of Ukraine where they need it the most.