Who we are

Dům Dobra is a charitable organization, which brings together good people to help Ukrainians affected by war. Our work is based on the ideas of humanism and the value of every human life.

Ruslan Ovechko

Founder of the foundation

Elina Nuriakhmetova

Deputy Director

Khrystyna Petrinko

Humanitarian Aid Coordinator, Member of the Board

Ilya Fominikh

Member of the Board

Anna Vshivtseva


Lana Tkhapshokova

Assistant of the Department of Humanitarian Aid

Providing housing for refugees​

In our Dům Dobra, women with children who were forced to flee the war can find their cozy refuge. We provide essentials and maintain a friendly atmosphere among residents. Thanks to caring volunteers, we manage to carry out integration activities, for example: Czech lessons, visits to cultural events, assistance with paperwork.

Supplying Ukraine with humanitarian aid

Every day we collect humanitarian aid for further shipment to Ukraine. We deliver food and medicines to the affected areas of Northern and Eastern Ukraine. Thus people receive humanitarian aid in the shortest possible time.

History of the Foundation

The idea to create the Dům Dobra Foundation was born on February 24. It was a tragic day in Ukrainian history that divided our lives into before and after. A lot of people found themselves in danger and needed help immediately. This was the main impulse for us to start the work.

It started with two small teams. The first was engaged in collecting, sorting, and then sending humanitarian aid. It was housed in a small art studio where one of the organizers worked. The second part of the team was inspired by the idea of setting up a home for refugees in the former building of the Art University of Prague. The realtor and the owner of the construction company Ekvator R.N. joined forces for a common cause.

One phone call made the two teams come together with the common goal of helping the victims of war. The first part of the team moved to the stormy Dům Dobra Karlín on February 27. The terrible situation united the caring people and as a result they created theDům Dobra Foundation with more than 15 team members..

We began our work in a former building of the University of Arts in Prague, from which our first [House of Kindness Karlín] grew (link to “Dům Dobra Karlín” page). Every day more than 100 volunteers worked to organize the building and collect humanitarian aid. Thanks to fond people, we were able to move the first refugees in after a week of construction.

By the end of March our team could fully operate two Dům Doba, where about 300 people found their quiet place.

How you can help?

Donate to Dům Dobra

Every donation you make could save someone’s life. We accept any donation amount.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers are a very important part of our team, because only with their help we can give a new home for refugees. If you want to help us with saving lives, join our Dům Dobra!

Bring the humanitarian aid

We regularly buy and accept humanitarian aid from our office on Karlin. Volunteers sort it and we send the necessary things to those cities of Ukraine where they need it the most.

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Bring humanitarian aid

The war in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian disaster. Many people have been left without water, food, and heat. Learn more →

Our impact

The main goal of our foundation is to help Ukrainians, who have been affected by the war. Learn more →